Our Message to Men

Life Studios was founded by a group of gynecologists who are passionate about helping women look and feel their best.

However, as we worked with our female patients through their various life stages and needs, we found that their husbands and partners were often interested in the same things. In many cases, as they accompanied their partner to the appointments, they expressed interest in similar treatments.

This led us to realize that women were not the only ones who felt like their body was left behind while their cognitive self-moved forward. As societal attitudes change, men have become more comfortable about expressing their desire to look their best. The old adage “scars make a man look handsome” doesn’t necessarily hold true anymore, and men no longer need to pretend like they don’t care about wrinkles or loss of masculine contour.

However, the needs of men are somewhat different and the procedures have to be completed with a specialized technique, to help men achieve their goals. Here are some of the things we’ve noticed about our male patients:

  • Men are more likely than women to desire minimally invasive improvements. They want to remove signs of aging that suggest decreased vitality while retaining some of the signs of maturity which convey gravitas.
  • Ultherapy remains a very popular treatment with men because it can provide dramatic improvement with a large degree of nuance. This improves the appearance while making it impossible for anyone to tell that you’ve had work done.
  • Men appreciate the way a more defined jawline improves their appearance and gives them a more athletic look.
  • Men want to reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles and frown lines, but prefer to keep the straight shape of the brow. We’re experts when it comes to doing this!

If you’d like to see how minimally-invasive treatments can help you achieve a younger, more athletic look, we welcome you to our offices!


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