Ultherapy is one of several minimally invasive skin tightening treatments offered by Life Studios. With little discomfort and no downtime, this fast treatment to tighten skin can even be performed on your lunch break; making it easy to work the procedure into your daily routine without stress or having to miss work. Further, because Ultherapy results appear gradually, your friends and family will think the improvement is just the result of a new skin care routine or getting more sleep – they’ll have no idea you’ve had any work done unless you tell them. Let’s take a closer look at how Ultherapy works, and why it’s become so popular with Life Studios patients.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive facelift that is sometimes even referred to as the “lunchtime facelift” because it can be performed so quickly. Also, because there are no incisions and no ablation to the surface of the skin, you can avoid social downtime – you can go to a party that evening!

At the core, Ultherapy works by strengthening the skin’s support network. When we are young, the skin is full of collagen and elastin fibers which keep the skin taut and allow it to bounce back quickly after being pulled. Over time, however, the body produces less collagen and elastin support fibers and the ones that remain become damaged through UV radiation and a number of other factors.

Ultherapy can stimulate the body to produce more collagen fibers; a process that strengthens the support network and creates a firmer appearance. As such, patients who visit Life Studios often choose to undergo this treatment to address problems like crepey skin on the face, neck and décolletage, as well as general skin laxity and wrinkles.

How Ultherapy Works

Ultherapy relies on ultrasound waves to heat up the deeper skin layers. This stimulates the body’s own repair processes, which in turn produces more collagen. However, this process isn’t as simple as delivering ultrasound waves into the skin.

When you come in for your Ultherapy treatment at Life Studios, one of our expert providers will first use ultrasound to visualize the underlying tissues of the face, neck and/or décolletage. This will help us create a skin damage map that shows where most of the collagen breakdown has occurred.

Thereafter, ultrasound is used to heat up the tissues in a targeted manner, using ultrasound guidance and the original tissue visualization map. The ultrasound waves will heat and cause micro damage to cells at deeper skin layers so that the body will begin to repair the area. This will stimulate the growth of stronger collagen and elastin.

Additionally, the treatment even stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, which draws moisture to the area and creates a plumping effect that further enhances the results.

Ultherapy Results

Results from Ultherapy are gradual, which is a big plus for anyone who prefers to keep aesthetic treatments private from their friends and coworkers. Many patients who have undergone this treatment at Life Studios report that as results begin to appear, people gradually start asking if they’re getting more sleep of if they’ve lost weight.

Typically, the strongest results will appear approximately 3 to 6 months after the procedure, as the body repair mechanisms produce skin that looks younger, firmer and more lifted.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that Ultherapy doesn’t stop the aging process altogether. Therefore, we work with patients to improve their skin care routine so that results can be maintained longer.

Many patients choose to undergo touch-up treatments with Ultherapy about once per year.

Typical Ultherapy Treatment

The duration of your Ultherapy procedure will depend on the size of the area you’re looking to treat. For larger areas (like combining a face, neck and décolletage treatment together), the procedure can take as long as several hours. For smaller areas, the treatment can be as short as 20 minutes.

During the procedure, you’ll sit in a comfortable chair as your Life Studios provider uses a hand applicator to administer the treatment. As a medical office, we are able to offer many options for the treatment of discomfort.

After treatment is complete, you can continue with your daily routine without any limitations.

Who Can Benefit from Ultherapy

Ultherapy is often a good choice for anyone suffering from loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, and expression lines. Further, patients who have previously undergone a surgical facelift can maintain their surgical results longer with this treatment (it can be performed as soon as you’re cleared by your surgeon).

Scheduling Your Ultherapy Consultation is Easy

The best way to see if Ultherapy is right for you is to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our expert providers. Just call 916-797-1878, or drop us a line through the Contact Form!

Please print and fill out the forms below before your first visit with us.

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